Using the Microsoft BizTalk Server Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Toolkit to deploy enterprise canonical schema changes with no down time

Most integration projects use an enterprise canonical schema (or CDO – canonical data object), so that messages coming in from (or going out to) an external integration point (e.g. shipping orders coming in and shipping details going out) can be mapped to the CDO and routed internally to different applications that all understand the CDO. The CDO acts as common data structure that all applications reference. By using the BizTalk ESB toolkit, you can avoid having to delete many applications when there’s a change to the CDO. The ESB toolkit allows you to use itineraries that can call maps dynamically (using .NET reflection). In addition, you can use XML and multipart messages so that schemas are not tightly bound to ports and orchestrations. To learn more and view code samples, click here to download a PDF document.