BizTalk Performance Benchmarking or Baseline Performance Analysis

We recently completed benchmarking the performance of our customers BizTalk Server environment. After several runs and tweaks to both BizTalk Server host settings and SQL Server settings, and ensuring all BizTalk SQL jobs were running successfully, we were able to get results that were acceptable to the customer. We recommend running a benchmark before installing any BizTalk applications so that you get a good baseline and also verify that BizTalk, SQL, and storage have been setup correctly. With tracking turned on, we were getting around 175 messages/second. When tracking was turned off, we were getting around 400 messages/second. There was a significant degradation in performance when all tracking is turned on, so our guidance was to keep tracking turned off as much as possible and use BizTalk BAM Portal Views and Activities for tracking message details. SQL Server was running at 99% CPU utilization during the test runs. However, we repeatedly ran the load on and off for an hour and BizTalk would occasionally throttle but recovered gracefully so we weren’t too concerned that SQL Server CPU was running at near max during the test.