Next version of BizTalk Server for Windows Server 2019 announced!

Microsoft’s Jon Fancey BizTalk Server vNext announced on Windows 2019 work has begun on the next version called BizTalk Server “vNext” which will include support for upgrades from BizTalk Server 2013 R2 and BizTalk Server 2016. This is welcome news for our customers that have invested in building their mission critical transactional systems on BizTalk Server as we now have a clear understanding of Microsoft’s road map for BizTalk Server on the Windows Platform. Expect to hear more news on BizTalk and the value it can bring to organizations trying to connect their different applications, whether they’re on premises or in the Cloud.

Global Integration Bootcamp will be held on March 24, 2018, at Microsoft, Downers Grove, IL.

The second annual Global Integration Bootcamp is being held on Saturday, March 24, at Microsoft in Downers Grove, IL. Sign up quickly to reserve your seat for this FREE full day event covering Serverless computing, Logic Apps, API Management, Service Bus, Event Grid, IoT, BizTalk, Analytics, Big Data, Cognitive Services and more.

Using Azure Cognitive Services to do sentiment analysis of your brand in social media.

Great turnout of fifty attendees at the Global Azure Boot Camp in Chicago on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017! Jaidev did a presentation and demo on using Azure Logic Apps, Functions, and Cognitive Services to do sentiment analysis of your brand in social media. For example, during marketing campaigns, you can measure and monitor your marketing campaigns to see how well they are performing by using sentiment analysis on Twitter Tweets. In addition to dashboards displaying sentiment, you can route negative feedback to an internal channel used by your company employees so that they can review and take some action on the negative Tweets. Deck and hands on lab to build the demo can be found here.

March 2017 interview on Channel 9 by David Giard (Microsoft)

David Giard (Sr. Technical Evangelist, Microsoft) interviewed Jaidev Kunjur on March 25, 2017, and covered a wide ranging set of topics related to Enterprise Integration. David asked Jaidev his opinions on BizTalk Server 2016, cloud applications development on Azure using Logic Apps, Functions, Storage, API Management, Enterprise Integration Accounts, EDI in the cloud and more. The full recording can be viewed here.

Notes from first ever Global Integration Bootcamp in Chicago on March 25th 2017, sponsored by Microsoft and EnkayTech

We had 30+ attendees at Microsoft MTC in the Chicago AON building, and some were from out of state e.g. Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota for example. The event was kicked off at 9 am by Microsoft’s David Giard, a Senior Technical Evangelist who covered Azure and App Services and provided guidance on subscriptions. Next Jaidev Kunjur covered API Management, Logic Apps, Remote Data Gateway, Service Bus, Azure Functions, Azure Storage and Power BI and the attendees were assisted in completing the four hands on labs associated with these topics.  In the afternoon, Eric Boyd did a great presentation and demo on IoT using a real device for input and Power BI to display real time charts showing temperature and other signals coming from the device. The last session was on EDI in the Cloud presented by Jaidev, with a demo showing how we can do EDI and AS2 in Azure using Integration Accounts and Logic Apps, all without needing BizTalk Server. The event ended on time at 5 pm.