We develop smart tools to help businesses streamline planning and customer relationships. We help create solutions to foster communication and collaboration, both internally with your employees or externally with customers and trading partners.

We can build applications hosted on Microsoft Dynamics or Office that automate business processes so that paper based processes, or repetitive manual steps, can be eliminated, reducing errors, improving efficiency and improving productivity.

Power Apps

We can build Office365 hosted applications that can automate business processes and provide workflows that can improve human and systems communication.


By using Microsoft Flow, we can quickly build business process automation solutions that can improve efficiency and help reduce costs.

Power BI

Using Power BI, we build rich visualizations by pulling data from Kusto or SQL Server or other sources e.g. web services.


With Microsoft Common Data Model and Common Data Services (CDS), Office365, and Dynamics365, we can build cloud-based ERP, MRP, CRM systems that are subscription based.