A one stop portal for your employees:

  • Employees log and submit their hours for approval, request vacation, view timesheet reports and get reimbursed for business related expenses
  • Employees can access the portal via mobile or desktop. From the desktop, they can launch the app directly from Office365
  • Application is integrated with Active Directory groups and Office365 for role-based view. Employees only see their respective records and Managers can view all records within their team
  • Easy to use UI that is intuitive, and color coded to reflect the status of approvals
  • Managers/Approvers can approve or reject timesheets directly from their email
  • Managers/Approvers receive email alerts when there are new receipts to approve
  • Approved vacation requests automatically create an out of office event in the user’s and approver’s respective calendars
  • Attach receipts or take a picture of receipts using your phone camera for expense reporting.
  • Allows stakeholders to visualize data directly within the employee portal.

An overview of the Employee Portal showing the Timesheet entry and approval process

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