Enkay Pro for Azure Logic Apps

Monitoring Azure Logic Apps

Enkay PRO for Azure Logic Apps helps users analyze real-time business activity, including the ability to search for values within messages, download message payloads and resubmit failed messages so that they can be reprocessed (e.g., downstream web site was down and is now back online). You get visibility into the different integrations supported by Azure iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) so that you can take immediate action if you receive an Enkay PRO email alert that lets you know if an exception has occurred. Enkay PRO provides business activity monitoring (BAM) dashboards that display key performance indicators like message counts, durations for each integration, errors, throttling etc. You can view critical events associated with Azure logic apps data, EDI AS2 Status Records, batching information, instance information, interchange aggregations records, interchange status records, messages, subscriptions, tracked events, transaction reports, and transaction sets. Enkay PRO is included as part of our application support service, wherein we support your production applications hosted within Azure iPaaS and your Azure iPaaS tenant.

Enkay PRO for Microsoft BizTalk Server is another tool that displays key performance indicators like message counts, durations, errors, throttling etc. You can view critical events aggregated from all servers, SQL database health, BizTalk health, application data, EDI AS2 Status Records, etc. Since BAM Portal has been deprecated in Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020, Enkay PRO supports the same features as BAM Portal, so if you can't use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 anymore (support for which has since ended), you can still access all your BAM data using Enkay PRO. Finally, Enkay PRO replaces the need for ESB Portal, as it displays errors and exceptions from the same data sources as ESB Portal does. Check out Enkay PRO Users Guide to see some sample screenshots or read Microsoft BizTalk Server Team Blogs.

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