How does it help?

Things you can do include:

  • view errors and events from multiple servers (e.g. BizTalk & SQL Servers)
  • track health (e.g. apps, hosts, drives, databases/jobs, CPU, memory etc.)
  • search for transaction details
  • detect out of memory, timeouts or throttling conditions that can impact performance
  • view performance benchmarks (e.g. throughput, durations, message size etc.)
  • get alerts that can help you proactively monitor your environment
  • view business activity (BAM), including real time and historical data
  • view graphs and reports that show key metrics by port, orchestration, artifact
  • ensure service level agreements are being met

Read Microsoft BizTalk Server Team Blogs on using Enkay PRO and how it can help your BizTalk implementation. Click on the Users Guide document below that includes more details on how it can help you monitor your Microsoft BizTalk Server environments and can help you analyze performance issues. Enkay PRO provides a user interface that runs on a Windows workstation, and an Agent that runs on a server. The Agent continuously monitors your BizTalk environment and provides real-time alerts if something goes wrong.

Enkay PRO

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