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When your BizTalk environment is running well and within capacity, your total cost of ownership (TCO) is low. However, without proper monitoring, failures could occur that could significantly increase TCO. For example, when you receive unusually large message payloads from a customer or when new applications are deployed that cause a significant increase in load, or when SQL jobs have stopped/failed, BizTalk could exceed optimal utilization of available resources. If these failures are not resolved in a timely fashion, BizTalk messaging throughput could decrease, integration durations could increase, and timeouts could occur.

It's a free tool (no license fees) but we charge $2500/user/year for support.

Read Microsoft BizTalk Server Team Blogs on using Enkay PRO and how it can help your BizTalk implementation. Click on the Users Guide PDF document below that includes more details on how it can help you monitor your Microsoft BizTalk Server environments and can help you analyze performance issues. Enkay PRO provides a user interface that runs on Microsoft Windows 10, an Agent that runs on Microsoft Windows Server, and a SQL database that runs on Microsoft SQL Server. The Agent continuously monitors your BizTalk environment, and provides alerts via email if something goes wrong. You can also view Errors and Events using the user interface.

Enkay PRO

Users Guide

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