A connected enterprise is more effective and agile.  Over time, business grow with mergers and acquisitions, resulting in the need to connect IT infrastructure quickly and integrate legacy applications. Using Microsoft .NET for custom development, Cloud, Biztalk Server and other Microsoft integration technologies, we will  efficiently connect disparate and distributed applications,  and provide real time data  to all your stakeholders in a timely fashion.  Listed below, are some of the key integration areas where Enkay has expertize.


ERP ( SAP, Siebel, People Soft)

The BizTalk Adapter for SAP allows us to easily integrate with SAP. For example, the adapter makes it easy to perform tasks such as sending or receiving an IDOC to or from SAP including different version numbers. We can also receive inbound messages from SAP, performing operations in a transaction, invoke transactional RFCS (tRFC), using WCF Service Model, performing BAPI transactions, using the Data Provider for SAP, and executing a query on SAP artifacts. The BizTalk PeopleSoft LOB adapter communicates with PeopleSoft application servers by exposing PeopleSoft Component Interfaces as web services.

Customer Relationship Management

The BizTalk Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 enables integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and other business applications e.g. sending to and receiving from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, discovering and using the schema of any Microsoft Dynamics CRM actions and entities, and using BizTalk mapper for performing complex transformations of data. For integrating with Siebel, for example, we can connect to a WCF service (published from Siebel artifacts) from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server using a Business Data List Web Part. A business component in a Siebel system can be easily exposed as a WCF service, which can then be consumed by a Windows application.

Host Integration Server

The BizTalk MQSeries Adapter and associated Microsoft Host Integration Server tools and technologies allow access to and integration of IBM host systems, programs, messages and data with new Windows desktop, web or mobile applications. This enables services to be developed and to connect and reuse IBM mainframe and midrange data (e.g. DB2, Informix) and applications (e.g. CICS, IMS, COBOL, PLI, TSO, TPF, RPG, CL Programs, Websphere MQ, VSAM, RACF) across distributed environments and protocols (IBM SNA HPR/IP & TCP/IP).

Business to Business (B2B)

BizTalk Server enables integrating trading partners across organizational and regional boundaries with support for EDI (X12, HIPAA, EDIFACT, EANCOM variants) standards over different transport and application protocols (including FTP, FTPS, HTTP, AS2 protocols), as well as modern XML-based Web Services standards. In addition, BizTalk solution accelerators for HL7, SWIFT, and RosettaNet and Line-of-Business Adapters with the BizTalk Adapter Pack provide tools for rapid process automation that reduces the cost and complexity of supply chain management and other business-to-business solutions.



Business Intelligence

Enkay has implemented data integration solutions that typically involve moving and manipulating passive or dynamic information between data stores. We have used Microsoft BizTalk Server development along with adapters (e.g. SQL, SAP, SharePoint), rules engine, and other integration technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server Service Broker and Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for extract, transform, and load of data that can then be analyzed using business intelligence suites such as Power BI. We have also used SSIS to solve ETL requirements for staging data in Datawarehouses and Datamarts.

Portals and Collaboration

Enkay has developed solutions using Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft BizTalk Server SharePoint adapter for connecting users to systems. The SharePoint adapter allows sending and receiving documents to and from SharePoint, thus allowing our developers to build sophisticated workflow and business intelligence applications. Using the adapter, you can easily access Windows SharePoint Services to send and receive messages. Enkay has integrated Microsoft Office applications with SAP using XML messages and two-way transformations, with SharePoint Server used as a middleware server and BizTalk WCF based Line of Business Adapters providing connectivity.