We build applications hosted on the web to connect SAAS and cloud applications to mobile devices that can help you automate your business processes and reduce time to market. Using Azure API services, Logic App services and BizTalk Services, we’re able to design workflows, integrate with existing legacy applications on premise, or connect to databases using Azure hybrid connectivity options that allow end users to access information from disparate sources in real-time. Using Azure business rules engine capabilities, we can quickly modify and deploy business rules when needed. We can now model your business process, construct message transformations, create workflows using Azure design tools, and use a large array of connectors to integrate with social, SAAS, new or legacy applications or on premises databases. Connectors now exist for  enterprise systems such as SAP, Siebel, and Oracle, in addition to Salesforce, Office 365, Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox.

Azure also provides guaranteed message delivery, security, API Management, and other features such as support for long running processes, conditional execution, sequential convoys, parallel convoys, scatter gather pattern, orchestration, batching, and custom code options, all of which help us build an enterprise grade hosted solution.

By hosting on Windows Azure, we get the benefits of cloud scale, high availability, and a “pay for what you use” model. Frequently, infrastructure utilization mostly runs at 5-10% utilization, with occasional peaks to 100%. The web based solution we offer allows our customers to meet business requirements quickly and without a lot of upfront costs associated with infrastructure, networking etc.

Additionally, by automating business processes, supporting data sync and integrating with any mobile device or web application using industry standard REST APIs, we’re able to build responsive applications that are easy to use and can provide real time insights. For example, we developed a mobile solution for a medical waste disposal company that required truck routes used to pick up waste from hospitals and clinics to be modified in real-time based on supply. On any given day, certain routes would have higher amounts of medical waste to pick up than other routes, and by dynamically updating routes on their mobile devices, more trucks could be rerouted to high waste collection routes, which increased their revenues as their trucks could pick up more waste than before. The mobile device installed in the truck would communicate with their customer request and order tracking system using Microsoft Cloud based queues and BizTalk Server on premise was used to pull and push requests to mobile devices.

Enkay has also implemented sales force management solutions connecting tablets used by sales personnel to on premise CRM systems, allowing them to have the most current data related to customer demand and competitor information. Sales personnel would sync their tablets via REST protocol to a web portal built on Azure cloud platform. We had connected the web portal to the customers on premise SQL Server using Hybrid Connections feature.

Please contact us if you need an architectural design session or a proof of concept developed by our team to see if a Windows Azure based solution will fit your business needs.