The internet of Things (IoT) are accelerating technology disruption at a rapid pace when it comes to optimizing your operations. For example, field equipment once isolated and siloed, can now be connected on a continuous basis-enabling business to shift from merely reacting to events, to responding in real time or even preemptively.

As we think through the application of these capabilities, they hold the potential to reshape relationships with customers by supporting unprecedented levels of service – service that is able to be improved continuously by gathering data across a wide, dispersed set of end points, drawing insights through advanced analytics and then applying those learnings to introduce improvements on a continuous basis.

Arguably this is something software companies have done historically, but now organizations across a breadth of industries can take the same approach and tap into new efficiencies, such as applying machine learning to anticipate and solve customer issues before they become issues.

Digital technology now allows businesses to move at incredible speed and accelerate the responsiveness to uncover issues and inefficiencies, predict what will happen, and then adjust as needed. Some key area to focus include:

  • Modernize your application portfolio, processes, and skills.
  • Migrate to the cloud by prioritizing the highest opportunities to fund transformation.
  • Focus new automation on best opportunities to eliminate manual work

Some of the business benefits include:

  • Reduce T&E
  • Lower training and certification costs
  • Decrease unplanned downtime
  • Spend less on data modelling
  • Shrink IT hosting and storage infrastructure costs
  • Lower cost of maintenance.
  • Eliminate expensive third-party contracts
  • Impart technical ability to workforce

Microsoft Office365

We can host Office365 and Dynamics365 and help improve collaboration among your employees and external customers, and reduce operational costs with a hosted solution.

Microsoft PowerApps

We can build Office365 hosted applications that can automate business processes and provide workflows that can improve human and systems communication.

Microsoft Azure

We build serverless applications for our customers that can provide incredible availability and scalability.

Microsoft Flow

By using Microsoft Flow, we can quickly build business process automation solutions that can improve efficiency and help reduce costs.

Microsoft Power BI

Using Power BI, we build rich visualizations by pulling data from Kusto or SQL Server or other sources e.g. web services.

Microsoft Data Platform

Using Microsoft’s Data Platform, we can build reports and dashboards that can allow users to quickly understand historical trends and make better decisions