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Seamless Migration from BizTalk to Azure Integration Services

By Team enkaytech, August 25th, 2023


Our client, a prominent logistics company, faced the task of migrating their existing BizTalk infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Integration Services. This decision was prompted by Microsoft’s announcements regarding the discontinuation of BizTalk Server 2013 and Host Integration Server 2013. Additionally, the client aimed to embrace a serverless approach for their integrations, leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure Logic Apps with its extensive workflows and connectors.



Enkaytech stepped in to craft a comprehensive solution that ensured a smooth transition while minimizing disruptions. The initial phase involved using the BizTalk Migration Tool to assess which BizTalk applications could be migrated to Azure Integration Services. This tool intelligently identified artifacts suitable for migration and created an Azure Integration Services model. It also generated ARM templates and Azure CLI scripts to simplify application deployment on Azure. Extensive testing followed to ensure that the Azure applications matched the capabilities of the BizTalk Server. While the migration process was complex and required thorough testing, it ultimately resulted in the successful replication of the application environment within Azure Integration Services.

An essential aspect of the migration strategy was its incremental nature. Instead of a high-risk “big bang” approach, applications were migrated one by one. This approach offered the advantage of risk mitigation, as the client could fall back to BizTalk if any issues arose, ensuring minimal disruption.

Benefits of Our Solution

The migration from BizTalk to Azure Integration Services delivered a plethora of advantages for our client:

Modern Integration Platform: Azure Integration Services provided a cutting-edge Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), featuring modern authentication mechanisms, scalability, simplified development, and seamless integration with other cloud-native services.

Optimized Pricing: The consumption-based pricing model eliminated the need to overprovision for peak loads, resulting in resource utilization efficiencies.

Accelerated Development: Azure Logic Apps, with its low-code and no-code capabilities, expedited the development of new integrations. This was a stark contrast to the steep learning curve associated with BizTalk.

Serverless: Leveraging Azure Logic Apps for integrations allowed the client to focus on solving business challenges without the hassle of managing server infrastructure, such as host instances and database connections.


Enkaytech’s migration strategy ensured a safe and meticulous transition of our client’s logistics operations from BizTalk to Azure Integration Services. This process not only guaranteed uninterrupted operations but also delivered a modernized integration platform aligned with the client’s evolving business requirements. The collaborative approach, incremental migration, and the multitude of benefits obtained underscore Enkaytech’s commitment to driving technological transformation for our valued clients.

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