Power BI Dashboards

We recently built Power BI Dashboards hosted in the Cloud for surfacing BizTalk BAM aggregates that are tracking near real-time performance metrics. The Dashboard will be used by the customer to monitor BizTalk application performance for all integrations flowing through the Enterprise Service Bus. For example, we track durations for each integration, message sizes, etc., so that the Network Operations Center (NOC) can quickly review the health of the system when issues are reported. For example, when end users complain that the response times are very poor etc., the NOC can go to the Power BI BAM Dashboard and quickly review historical charts to identify potential root causes and then contact the BizTalk DevOps team to look into a specific application that may not be meeting SLAs. We’re also building alerts so that, for example, if we detect a particular integration is performing poorly, or if messages sizes are larger than expected etc., or percentage change in the number of messages received is greater than or less than expected, we send a notification to the NOC. We’re also able to use Power Query to quickly search for a particular transaction, and can either display it in tabular form, or create a chart as part of the query.

Below are some sample screen shots showing how we’ve used Power Query, Power Maps, and Power View to display BAM aggregates.