A worldwide logistics company

The developer from EnKayTech was a big help and great addition to our IT implementation project with our client. He took the lead on all our calls and communication with the client, which lead to a very smooth implementation. We will be using EnKayTech in the future and highly recommend them as a CargoWise partner.

– Controller

A large beer manufacturer in the Midwest

We asked Jaidev to demonstrate some of the new BizTalk tools around AS2 as we currently use another product solely for AS2 communications. Net result is we applied the Premier Support Credit to this year’s PSS contract, and raised our premier support contract from a Standard 0 to a Standard 1. We leveraged the health check dollars to not only perform the health check, but to bring the second production BizTalk Server back online. Our Support analysts now have a better understanding of what they are doing well, and what they need to improve on with their skills/implementation. Our platform is re-synched and load balanced, and Microsoft has a happier client. – Enterprise Architect

A large beer manufacturer in the Midwest

Jaidev was a perfect fit, and worked out extremely well. During the past 2 weeks, we completed what we set out to complete including our two primary goals, that of re-synchronizing the second BizTalk server returning the farm to a 2 server farm. And while this synchronization occurred, Jaidev got the opportunity to look at each of our applications, and gather information for his health check operation. Jaidev was also able to show us a new series of tools that are available outside of BizTalk to allow us to better manage the farm going forward, making the environment much more user friendly going forward. -Enterprise Architect

A major medical company in the Midwest

“I would like to thank you for all your hard work during this engagement. It was nice working with you and to see what we’ve completed together this year. We learnt a lot from you.” – Sr. Manager, Applications Development, IT,

A Network Operations Manager

“Appreciate all your hard work and contribution to the quick resolution of some of our Ops related problems!” – Sr. Manager, Operations, IT

A major Midwestern Medical Devices Manufacturer

“Jaidev – I am grateful for having you be a part of this team for so long. It’s been quite a journey! I appreciate your commitment and dedication to getting the job done and supporting our business. Thank you!” – Sr. Director, Middleware Systems, Global Enterprise Applications

A major bank customer

“I had the opportunity to work with Enkay on a product evaluation. Enkay has an excellent grasp of technology and how to apply it. In my case we were using Biztalk and Sharepoint. Enkay’s hands on development and architectural knowledge are excellent.”

A major health care medical device manufacturer in the Midwest

Enkay’s team of developers have a broad background and a variety of experiences. This business knowledge allows them to quickly understand the situation and provide situational insight. I’d look forward to an opportunity to work with them again