Using Microsoft Power BI to display operational data from BizTalk Server 2020 Enterprise Edition

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful analytics tool that can now be used to surface operational data generated by BizTalk Server 2020 Enterprise Edition. The Power BI template and REST APIs provided by the BizTalk Product Team now make it very easy to surface operational data and improve monitoring. In addition, users can easily be provided read-only access so that they can debug issues and also do some simple operations (e.g. suspend, resume or terminate instances) using Power BI. You can read more details by clicking here.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform As A Service (EiPaaS)

Enterprise integration is a key part of building applications that connect to other applications and data. At Enkay, we have implemented solutions for our customers using Microsoft Azure Integration Services (AIS), which includes API Management, Logic Apps, Service Bus, and Event Grid. AIS helps our customers connect applications and data seamlessly to the cloud for services such as machine learning, cognitive services, robotic process automation (RPA), internet of things (IoT) and analytics, enabling increased enterprise-wide visibility and agility. Gartner has positioned Microsoft as a leader in the 2020 EiPaaS Magic Quadrant, based on Microsoft’s ability to execute and completeness of their vision. Microsoft has now remained an EiPaaS MQ leader for the past three years. Read the complete report here.

Lien BOT implementation for a major insurance company

We implemented a Chat BOT for a major midwestern insurance company. The following link describes the use case and the benefits of having a conversational Chat BOT to help improve customer service. The Lien BOT was developed using Microsoft BOT framework version 4.7 and uses dynamic cards, carousels, triggers, interrupts and hero cards.

Azure Kubernetes Services and Ingress Controller for hosting Controller HMI in the cloud.

We recently completed an internet of things (iot) project that allowed users to provision a controller using HMI (Human Machine Interface) that was hosted within a Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) cluster. This allowed engineers to setup a controller before they went to the field to configure it. The controller HMI in the cloud was connected using Azure iot hub to on premise controller hardware that contained a PostgreSQL database. The controller PostgreSQL database in the controller hardware was the master, which would keep data in a remote PostgreSQL cloud database via events. More details can be found here.

Enkay is hosting Chicago Global Integration Bootcamp 2020

We’re proud to be hosting the Global Integration Bootcamp 2020 along with Microsoft. Enkay presenters will be speaking about Logic Apps, API Management, Event Grid, Azure Functions and more. To learn more or register, click here. or visit

Sending files to Azure Blob Storage from BizTalk Server 2020

Until BizTalk 2016, there was no direct way to communicate with Azure Blob storage to send files. Hence, we had to use WCF-WebHttp adapter to send files to the blob storage. It also required us to write a custom pipeline component to strip the filename from the file path (example – “file.txt” from “c:\files\file.txt” ) before sending it to Azure Blob storage else the file name in Azure blob storage would end up being “c:\files\file.txt” instead of just “file.txt”. However, BizTalk Server 2020 comes in with a built in Azure Blob Storage adapter using which you can directly communicate with the blob storage. This also eliminates the need for a custom pipeline. Click here to read the article.

PowerApps in a day (AIAD) training on May 1 2019 at Microsoft office in Chicago

Enkay delivered another App In A Day (AIAD) Training at Microsoft Technology Center in Chicago on May 1st, 2019. Attendees learnt how to build a canvas and model driven applications using PowerApps, Flow, and Common Data Services. We had good customer representation, and discussed several real-world use cases where PowerApps could be used to build mobile apps that improve productivity and automate business processes. #PowerApps #Flow #dynamics365 #office365 #sharepointonline

Low code/No code EDI and AS2 implementation for B2B using Microsoft Azure Logic Apps

We implemented a low code/no code B2B EDI solution for integrating our customers trading partners and shippers. The solution allowed the customer to quickly deploy and process EDI AS2 transactions in Azure. There are no software licenses to purchase or software to install in your on premises infrastructure as this is a “serverless” solution, and the customer only has to pay for what they use based on a subscription model. Click here to download a PDF document that provides implementation details.