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Monitoring integration business activity using Enkay PRO


Enkay PRO is a SaaS solution that enables Azure developers to monitor integration solutions built on the Microsoft Azure platform, including B2B, EDI/AS2, API, and other types of integrations.

Enkay PRO offers real-time monitoring of integration processes
Centralized dashboard for users to analyze integration activity across different systems
Users can set up alerts and notifications based on predefined criteria
Users can track key metrics such as throughput, response times, error rates, and processing volumes.
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The Enkay PRO portal acts as a central hub for monitoring integration activity and provides valuable insights to both developers and customers.

Enkay PRO facilitates error handling by capturing and logging integration errors and exceptions.
Security and compliance considerations for B2B EDI integration
It is designed to handle large-scale integration environments with multiple endpoints
Enkay PRO supports compliance and auditing requirements by providing detailed logs, reports, and data lineage.
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Customer Stories

Explore how a health insurance provider leverages the power of Microsoft BizTalk Server to enhance customer engagement. Learn how seamless integration and data connectivity result in personalized services, efficient claims processing, and ultimately, a superior healthcare experience for policyholders.

Improving Visibility and Guaranteeing Delivery: A Case Study In Logistics Monitoring

By leveraging self-service monitoring through Enkay PRO web portal, the logistics company ensures critical business transactions were successfully sent to their trading partners so that they could avoid delays and financial losses.

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