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The insurance industry is currently undergoing a significant transformation driven by digital disruption and convergence. Leading insurers recognize the need to adapt and are expanding their range of products and services to better cater to the evolving needs of their clients. They are embracing customer-facing, cloud-based digital innovations and even forging unexpected new ecosystems that address a wide array of customer requirements.

Enkay’s comprehensive range of insurance solutions effectively caters to these evolving requirements by harnessing the power of open hybrid cloud products. Our offerings leverage data and reliable AI capabilities to deliver superior outcomes while simultaneously modernizing and automating hybrid cloud systems. This approach enhances flexibility, resiliency, and efficiency for insurance providers.

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Policy Management System

Enkaytech will help you develop and offer a comprehensive policy management system that allows insurance companies to efficiently handle policy creation, underwriting, policy administration, and renewal processes. This service can streamline operations, automate workflows, and enhance data accuracy. We have worked extensively with Guidewire Policy Center and have integrated it with document management and storage systems.

Claims Processing Software

Our team can create a claims processing system that simplifies and automates the claims management process. This can include functionalities such as claims intake, assessment, adjudication, and settlement. The service can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and accelerate claim resolution. We have worked extensively with the Guidewire Claims Center and have integrated it with document management and storage systems.

Customer Relationship Management

We can develop a CRM platform specifically tailored for companies like yours. This software can help manage customer interactions, track leads, and maintain customer information. It can also assist in sales and marketing activities, allowing insurers to better understand and engage with their clients. We have worked with Salesforce and Mulesoft to integrate with Guidewire, helping improve Agent response to customers’ queries related to Claims, Policies, and Billing.

Integration & Connectivity

We offer integration solutions that allow insurance companies to connect their systems with external platforms, such as third-party data providers, insurance marketplaces, and other industry-specific software. Seamless integration can streamline processes and enable real-time data exchange. For example, we have integrated Medical Information Bureau (MIB) with Life Insurance Systems used by underwriters. The protocol used to communicate with MIB was ACORD. We’ve also connected Auto Insurance systems with Polk to gather vehicle information (VIN numbers etc.) to help improve Auto insurance quotes.

Compliance & Regulatory Software

We develop solutions that help insurance companies comply with industry regulations and stay up to date with changing compliance requirements. This can include software for regulatory reporting, policy documentation management, and compliance monitoring.

Cybersecurity Solutions

We provide cybersecurity software and services tailored to the insurance industry. Given the sensitive nature of insurance data, robust security solutions are essential to protect against cyber threats, ensure data privacy, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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