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By Team enkaytech, September 5th, 2023


CargoWise One, a leading logistics software solution, offers a comprehensive suite of tools for logistics service providers. However, as not all industry partners use CargoWise One, businesses often require integration with various partners using different software solutions. Enkaytech, a CargoWise Service Partner and Microsoft Gold partner specializes in system integration and custom software development, helping companies seamlessly connect with non-CargoWise One partners.

EDI Integration for International Logistics

Case 1: EDI Integration for International Logistics

Challenge: An international logistics company utilizing CargoWise One needed to integrate with a large retailer using a different software solution, requiring EDI communication for orders and shipments.

Solution: Enkaytech configured EDI mappings and workflows within CargoWise One to facilitate EDI message exchange. They took the lead in communication with the customer, ensuring a smooth implementation and testing process.

Outcome: The integration led to reduced manual errors, improved data accuracy, enhanced operational efficiency, and compliance with industry standards. The logistics company praised Enkaytech’s expertise and service quality.

Case 2: Web Services Integration for Automotive Manufacturing

Challenge: A leading automotive parts supplier utilizing CargoWise One needed to integrate with a vendor using a different software solution, requiring real-time web services communication.

Solution: Enkaytech developed and integrated web services, enabling seamless data exchange between the two systems. They provided ongoing support to ensure reliability and performance.

Outcome: Real-time data exchange improved supply chain visibility, customer satisfaction, and control over logistics operations. The manufacturing company valued Enkaytech’s technical skills and ongoing support.

Case 3: Logixboard Integration for NationalSelf-Service-Automation Logistics

Challenge: A national logistics provider using CargoWise One needed to integrate with customers not using any software solution, requiring a user-friendly interface for managing shipments.

Solution: Enkaytech integrated CargoWise One with Logixboard, a cloud-based platform. Logixboard’s intuitive dashboard allowed customers to manage shipments, track statuses, and share documents seamlessly.

Outcome: Logixboard’s integration elevated customer experience and offered advanced functionalities without requiring new software adoption. The logistics provider increased visibility, efficiency, and profitability.


Enkaytech’s expertise in system integration and custom software development has enabled seamless integration between CargoWise One users and their non-CargoWise One partners. Through EDI, web services, cloud integration platforms, and Logixboard, Enkaytech addresses diverse integration needs. Businesses seeking efficient and secure data exchange with partners can trust Enkaytech’s experience and expertise.

If you’re interested in integrating your non-CargoWise One partners with CargoWise One or have questions, reach out to Enkaytech at or visit for more information.

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