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Enkay Pro for Azure Certificates & Secrets Tracking (CertWatch)

Your Shield Against Application Downtime!

Are you tired of waking up to the nightmare of application or website downtime due to expired certificates? Bid farewell to those sleepless nights and embrace CertWatch – your guardian angel in the realm of Azure certificate management. 

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What We Do

CertWatch is a multi-tenant application, your fortress against the perils of certificate expiry. Designed to empower Azure application registrants, it ensures you’re never caught off guard by expiring secrets and certificates, keeping your applications running smoothly without interruption. 

Features That Shield Your Digital Assets

Authentication & Authorization
Secure user authentication using Azure Active Directory or other trusted providers, ensuring only authorized users have access.
Secrets and Certificates Tracking
Select and track secrets and certificates associated with your applications, with customizable notification preferences to keep you informed.
Search Feature
Easily find specific applications or details using CertWatch's robust search functionality, simplifying information retrieval.
Email Notification Setup
Receive timely notifications before secrets or certificates are about to expire, ensuring proactive management.
Data Persistence
Our Enkay Pro CST prioritizes data security and integrity by securely storing user preferences and application details.
Preventing Application Downtime
One of the standout features of Enkay Pro CST is its ability to prevent application and website downtime. By automating the tracking and renewal process of secrets and certificates.

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