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Enhancing Customer Engagement for a...

By Team enkaytech, August 29th, 2023


A prominent health insurance provider operating in the Pacific Northwest faced the challenge of providing access to their insurance policies through external websites and portals. The aim was to empower potential customers to calculate insurance rates and explore available options. Additionally, the company needed a streamlined business process to connect external website inquiries to their internal Siebel CRM systems, facilitating customer tracking and effective follow-up.


Leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft BizTalk Server, a comprehensive solution was devised to bridge the gap between external web portals, Siebel CRM systems, and internal business processes.

External Website Connectivity: BizTalk Server was employed to design business processes that facilitated seamless connections to external websites using WS-* standards. The choice of BizTalk’s WCF-Custom adapters ensured compatibility with the WS-I basic profile for enhanced security and transactional integrity.

Siebel CRM Integration: To establish a seamless connection between external website requests and the company’s internal Siebel CRM systems, BizTalk’s Siebel adapter was utilized. This adapter offered built-in capabilities for connecting and discovering Siebel CRM schemas, enabling a streamlined integration process.

health insurance industryEfficient Schema Selection: The Siebel adapter facilitated the selection of specific Siebel CRM schemas needed for the integration, thus reducing unnecessary data exchange and ensuring data accuracy.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Implementation: Microsoft SharePoint Server was leveraged to provide insights into business activity monitoring (BAM) aggregate data. This data was presented using SharePoint’s business intelligence (BI) tools, including Excel Services and SQL Server Reporting Services.

Operational BI Demonstration: A developer from the solution provider showcased the operational BI capabilities of SharePoint and BAM at a Microsoft-hosted conference held in Chicago. This served as a practical demonstration of the solution’s effectiveness in a real-world scenario.

The strategic implementation of Microsoft BizTalk Server showcased its prowess in addressing complex challenges within the health insurance sector. By integrating external websites with internal Siebel CRM systems, the company successfully engaged potential customers, enabled accurate rate calculations, and facilitated insurance option exploration. The integration of BizTalk’s Siebel adapter streamlined data exchange and enhanced the efficiency of the internal CRM processes. The incorporation of SharePoint’s business intelligence tools for BAM provided valuable insights into operational data, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

This case study exemplifies the potential of technology-driven solutions to revolutionize customer engagement and streamline internal processes, ultimately contributing to better customer service and enhanced business outcomes in the health insurance industry.

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