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Monitoring Salesforce Business Events...

By Team enkaytech, September 20th, 2023

Problem Statement

Our insurance customer relies on the integration of Guidewire Engage and Salesforce for their operations. Troubleshooting these integrations became challenging when we needed to access specific information contained within message bodies, such as Customer Name, Insurance Policy Number, Claim Number, Policy Type, Claim Amount, and more. Additionally, there was a need for efficient query-based searches through a portal. To address these challenges, we turned to MuleSoft’s Insight tool, which proved invaluable for various stakeholders, including Business Analysts, Testers, Developers, QA teams, and end users, enabling end-to-end tracking of critical business information.

Overview of Insight

Insight is a powerful troubleshooting tool offered by MuleSoft that offers comprehensive visibility into business transactions and events occurring within Mule applications deployed on CloudHub and on-premises servers. It functions as an essential resource for tracking every action your data undergoes in an application, aiding in the identification and resolution of errors during message processing.


The Insight dashboard empowers users to monitor events within the flows that manage their business transactions. Users can drill down into event-related data to uncover the root causes of failures, identify performance bottlenecks, and verify compliance with organizational procedures.

Key Questions Addressed by Insight

  • Insight helps address crucial questions, including:
  • What transpired during a specific transaction or synchronization?
  • When did the transaction occur, and what was its duration?
  • What was the outcome of a transaction?
  • In the event of a processing error, at which stage did the failure take place?

Default Items Tracked by Insight

  • Upon enabling Insight, the following elements are tracked by default:
  • Data passing through endpoints (both inbound and outbound) in Mule applications.
  • Initiation and completion of flows.
  • Custom business events incorporated within Mule flows.


Insight Dashboard and Tracking Levels

The Insight dashboard offers information at three distinct tracking levels:

  1. Transactions: These represent logical groupings of related events, often aligning with a business perspective of the system.
  2. Events: These provide low-level details of a transaction and map to message processors and endpoints. Events reveal information about exceptions and any custom business events configured.
  3. Metadata: Customized key-value pairs specified as part of custom events in your application. This level of tracking provides insights into high-level business events.

Important Considerations

Enabling Insight can have a significant impact on data processing performance and memory consumption. Consequently, it should not be enabled for extended periods in production environments.

Monitoring Transaction

Insight should primarily be used for troubleshooting specific transactions by searching for a transaction ID or a unique text string.

Mule Log and Event Details

The Mule log captures essential information about the app and lifecycle events. For instance, it records entries when a Mule service or app starts, deploys, stops, or un-deploys. Additionally, Mule automatically logs multiple messages and specific elements in your app flows to aid in debugging and event tracking.

These logs provide insights into failure events and offer detailed information about the event, including the reasons behind the failure and its root cause.

Monitoring Business

Below is an example of what a successful event log looks like, encompassing all event and flow details.


By leveraging MuleSoft’s Insight, Enkaytech successfully addressed the challenge of monitoring Salesforce business events within our insurance customer’s integration landscape. This powerful tool empowered stakeholders across the organization, enabling efficient troubleshooting, error resolution, and enhanced visibility into critical transactional data. The deployment of Insight exemplifies our commitment to delivering robust solutions that meet our customer’s evolving needs and ensure seamless operations.

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