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Streamlined Integration for a Midwest...

By Team enkaytech, August 28th, 2023


A prominent insurance company operating in the Midwest was faced with the challenge of seamlessly integrating a diverse array of third-party products to enhance their services in Auto, Home, and Life insurance. The absence of a unified system hindered operational efficiency, customer service, and cost-effectiveness.


Enkaytech, a renowned technology solutions provider, undertook the task of crafting a comprehensive solution leveraging Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 to establish a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that harmoniously interconnected disparate systems. The solution’s key components included:

Proof of Concept Development: Enkaytech initiated the project by creating a robust proof of concept (PoC) to showcase the potential benefits of integrating various web services, both internal and from external vendors, through the Microsoft BizTalk Server.

Seamless Scalability: Enkaytech demonstrated the scalability feature of the BizTalk infrastructure, assuring the client that they could begin with the cost-effective BizTalk Server Standard Edition and seamlessly upgrade to the more advanced BizTalk Server Enterprise Edition when required.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Implementation: The BizTalk ESB Toolkit 2.3 was utilized to construct an agile and responsive Enterprise Service Bus, connecting disparate services within the company’s ecosystem.

Guidewire and OnBase Integration: Enkaytech employed ESB itineraries to facilitate seamless integration between Guidewire’s policy, claim, and billing centers, and the customer’s document management system, OnBase, developed by Hyland Corporation.

Custom OnBase Adapter: A specialized WCF-based OnBase adapter wasarchitectural diagrams developed, enabling both in-house applications and custom .NET code to establish connections with OnBase, either through the BizTalk platform or via custom code.

Source HOV Integration: Enkaytech integrated the Source HOV document generation system with the ESB, harnessing web services hosted within the ESB to archive essential documents to OnBase, thereby enhancing data centralization.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM): Enkaytech’s solution incorporated the design and implementation of BAM views and activities across all integrated business processes. This enabled the client to meticulously track message details and monitor performance in real-time.

BAM Aggregates for Performance Insight: To bolster the client’s performance tracking capabilities, Enkaytech designed and constructed BAM aggregates that offered both real-time and historical reports. These insights empowered the client to adhere to stringent service level agreements consistently.

Enkaytech’s strategic implementation of a Service Oriented Architecture using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 delivered remarkable results for the large Midwest insurance company. The seamlessly integrated third-party products significantly improved operational efficiency, enhanced customer service quality, and reduced overall costs. The ability to track message details and performance through BAM views, coupled with the insights provided by BAM aggregates, ensured that the insurance company consistently met service level agreements. This case stands as a testament to Enkaytech’s proficiency in designing and executing complex integration solutions for the insurance sector, demonstrating how technology can revolutionize business processes and outcomes.

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