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The Journey of a Logistic Customer...

By Team enkaytech, September 5th, 2023

Problem Statement

A leading logistics company faced an urgent need to upgrade their existing BizTalk infrastructure by migrating it from a soon-to-be-shut down on-premises data center to a cloud environment. The key drivers for this migration were to reduce operational costs, improve system scalability, and streamline integration processes crucial for international logistics operations. 

EDI Integration for International Logistics

Strategic Cloud Migration Solution

In response to the client’s requirements, we formulated an end-to-end migration strategy to seamlessly transfer their BizTalk infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Cloud services. This meticulous plan included the following steps: 

  1. Initial Migration to Azure Virtual Machines (VMs): The migration commenced with transitioning the existing BizTalk environment to Azure VMs. We meticulously set up Virtual Networks (VNets), Azure Load Balancers, and robust firewalls to mirror the on-premises network setup within the cloud. This critical first phase guaranteed a smooth transition without disrupting the client’s ongoing operations. 
  2. Deploying Azure BizTalk Servers in VNets: Following the successful migration to Azure VMs, we proceeded to deploy Azure BizTalk Servers within the Virtual Networks. This arrangement ensured that the client’s operations continued seamlessly with all traffic now routed through the Azure-based BizTalk Servers. 
  3. Utilizing BizTalk Migration Tool: To efficiently migrate BizTalk applications, we utilized the BizTalk Migration Tool. This tool helped us in analyzing existing workflows and identifying essential artifacts for migration to Azure. It facilitated the creation of Azure Integration Services models, while also generating necessary ARM templates and Azure CLI scripts for deploying applications. 
  4. Application Testing and Validation: Post-deployment, rigorous testing was conducted to ensure that the applications migrated to Azure maintained their functionality and performance integrity. This phase was essential due to the complexity of the applications involved, and although time-consuming, it was crucial for achieving a successful transition. Azure Integration Service
  5. Iterative Migration Approach: Considering the complexity involved, we adopted an iterative migration approach. Instead of a wholesale migration, applications were migrated one at a time. This step-by-step process minimized risks, allowed prompt resolution of emerging issues, and ensured the option to revert to BizTalk if necessary. 
  6. Transition to Azure Integration Services: With the core migration in place, we shifted focus from BizTalk to leveraging Azure Integration Services for future developments. This transition equipped our client with advanced integration tools that support low-code/no-code development environments, enhancing productivity and ease of use. 

Benefits of the Migration 

The transition from BizTalk to Azure Integration Services delivered multiple benefits to the logistics client: 

  • Modernized Integration Platform: Azure Integration Services provided a state-of-the-art integration platform as a service (iPaaS), featuring advanced scalability, enhanced authentication mechanisms, and seamless integration with other cloud-native services. 
  • Cost Efficiency: Azure’s consumption-based pricing model allowed the client to optimize resource utilization, thereby avoiding unnecessary expenditures and achieving significant cost savings. 
  • Simplified Development Process: The use of Azure Logic Apps’ low-code/no-code capabilities enabled quicker onboarding of new developers and reduced the complexity previously associated with BizTalk. 
  • Complete Data Center Shutdown: The successful cloud migration fulfilled the client’s strategic objective to completely shut down their on-premises data center, thus moving entirely to a more scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud environment. 


Through a comprehensive and phased approach to cloud migration, and by leveraging the robust capabilities of Azure services, the logistics client successfully transitioned from an on-premises BizTalk environment to a modern, cloud-based integration platform. This migration not only ensured operational continuity during the transition but also positioned the client to realize enhanced scalability, reduced costs, and improved efficiency in their integration processes, marking a significant milestone in their digital transformation journey. 

Customer Testimonial: Seamless Cloud Migration with Exceptional Results 

 “As a logistics company at the forefront of international shipping and freight management, we were faced with a significant technological challenge: migrating our critical BizTalk infrastructure from an on-premises data center to the cloud. This was a daunting task, given the complexity of our integration needs and the impending shutdown of our existing data center. 

Choosing the right partner for this migration was critical, and we found the perfect match with Enkaytech. Their expertise in Azure cloud services and understanding of our industry-specific requirements made them stand out as the ideal choice for this pivotal project. 

 From the onset, Enkaytech demonstrated professionalism and a deep commitment to our success. The initial phase of migrating our environment to Azure Virtual Machines was executed flawlessly, with careful attention to replicating our on-premises network infrastructure in the cloud. This set the stage for a seamless transition that did not disrupt our day-to-day operations. 

 The deployment of Azure BizTalk Servers within the Virtual Networks was a game-changer, ensuring that our operations could continue without interruption. The use of the BizTalk Migration Tool was particularly impressive, as it not only facilitated a smooth transition of our applications but also empowered us with Azure Integration Services, elevating our integration capabilities to new heights. 

 Perhaps what we appreciated most was the iterative approach taken by Enkaytech. Instead of rushing the process, they meticulously migrated one application at a time, minimizing risks and ensuring a thorough adaptation to the cloud environment. Their proactive approach to testing and validation reassured us of the integrity and performance of our migrated applications. 

 The transition to Azure Integration Services has transformed our integration landscape, offering us a robust platform that supports scalability and simplifies development through its low-code/no-code features. The cost efficiency achieved through Azure’s consumption-based pricing model has also been a significant financial benefit. 

Thanks to Enkaytech, we successfully shut down our on-premises data center and fully transitioned to a cloud-based solution that meets our current needs and scales for future growth. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of this migration and the ongoing support provided by Enkaytech. They have not just been a service provider but a true partner in our journey towards digital transformation.

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