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Smart B2B Transaction Monitoring...

By Team enkaytech, August 29th, 2023


The logistics customer needed a way to monitor their B2B transactions, including EDI, XML, and CSV files, to ensure successful delivery. They also wanted alerts for any transaction failures.



The solution involved the following steps:

Integration with Azure Logic Apps: The integration solution was built in the cloud using Azure Logic Apps. This platform enables the creation of workflows to automate and integrate processes.

Enkay PRO Monitoring Tool: Enkay PRO, a cloud-based monitoring tool, was utilized to monitor tracking and business activity data generated by Logic Apps.

Exception Alerts: When transactions fail to transmit, Enkay PRO sends email alerts containing exception details. These alerts help the customer quickly identify issues.

Resubmission of Failed Transactions: The Enkay PRO portal allows the customer to resubmit failed transactions. This helps ensure that critical transactions can be successfully processed, even if downstream services are temporarily unavailable.

Access Management: The customer’s support team and employees were given access to the Enkay PRO portal without requiring changes to their Active Directory security settings.


The benefits of this solution included:

Quick Reaction to Failures: The modern web application allows the customer to react promptly to failure alerts, ensuring timely issue resolution.

Resubmission Capability: The ability to resubmit failed transactions, Benefits of Enkay pro individually or in bulk, provided flexibility and control over the process.

Affordable Subscription Pricing: Enkay PRO’s subscription-based pricing was cost-effective compared to other monitoring solutions available in the market.

Automated Integration Discovery: Enkay PRO automatically detects and displays new integrations added to the customer’s Azure tenant. This simplifies the management of monitoring across various services.

Email Alerts: The customer valued email alerts, which helped them quickly identify and address issues, ensuring they met their service level agreements (SLAs).


Overall, the combination of Azure Logic Apps and Enkay PRO offered an efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution for monitoring, alerting, and managing B2B transactions in the logistics customer’s environment.

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