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Azure Logic Apps for B2B EDI : 1/2 Day Workshop

Overview of B2B EDI

In this session, we will explore the capabilities and benefits of using Logic Apps, a cloud-based service provided by Microsoft Azure, for B2B EDI integration.

Definition and importance of B2B EDI
Benefits and challenges of B2B EDI

Introduction to Azure Logic Apps

We will also discuss how Logic Apps align with EDI standards to ensure seamless and efficient communication between business partners.

Overview of Azure Logic Apps and its role in B2B integration
Key features and advantages of Azure Logic Apps and the Azure Integration Platform
Overview of EDI standards
Transaction sets commonly used in B2B EDI

Azure Logic Apps in Action

You will learn how to use X12 operations, trading partners, agreements, schemas, and maps to exchange messages with other organizations also get to know how to monitor and troubleshoot your B2B workflows using Azure portal and tools.

Live demonstration of Azure Logic Apps for B2B EDI integration
Walkthrough of an end-to-end B2B EDI workflow using Azure Logic Apps
Security and compliance considerations for B2B EDI integration
Performance optimization tips for Azure Logic Apps and monitoring exceptions in Azure
Azure Logic Apps in Action
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