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We are software developers and help our customers modernize their applications and increase the value of their investment in technology. We have built immersive applications that run on desktops, web portals, mobile devices, or in the cloud using Microsoft Power Platform, Angular JS, Xamarin, Windows Presentation Foundation, and Bootstrap. We connect applications to legacy services using Microsoft API Management, Logic Apps or Power Automate. In addition, we have implemented Microsoft Azure based cloud solutions that help employees connect and collaborate with other employees or customers by using Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. We can rapidly build and deliver off-the-shelf software or custom software solutions, with our global team of expert developers ensuring development costs are low and projects are delivered on time.

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Identity & Security

The impact of a software application that you buy or build grows when its connected to other software. Sometimes, connecting one application to another (point to point) is adequate. However, more often, enterprises need to connect multiple applications and systems in complex ways, and this requires specialized integration patterns, API management (API-M), protocols and ESB platforms that can do this. Security at the platform level (e.g. using Microsoft 365) and security at the application level (e.g. using Microsoft Identity Services, Microsoft Graph) all play a key role in ensuring applications and systems are secure from denial of service attacks and malware. We have implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA) when users log in to a controller used to manage an industrial process, improving threat protection.

Process Automation

For a logistics customer, we have built software to connect our international customers eCommerce platforms to our US client’s warehouse management systems (WMS). We use cloud based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to connect external systems so that our customers have a scalable solution and only pay for what they use. Our customers can use XML or EDI files for item master, sales orders or purchase orders, and we transform these files into internal systems format to integrate with WMS. We’ve also built triggers from WMS that send stock correction data back to the international customers eCommerce systems via web services (APIs). We have implemented several B2B integration solutions based on industry standards such as EDI/AS2, ANSI X12, EDIFACT, OAUTH, ACORD, HIPAA, HL7 and more.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps our customers automate repetitive and tedious manual processes within organizations. Today, a significant number of workers spend over 30% of their time doing rote, automatable tasks. The economic benefit for companies, and even more importantly the fulfillment at work for employees, are very large when using RPA.

Virtual Assistants

We have built an electronic virtual assistant (EVA) that allows customers to interact with it using a conversational interface. EVA uses artificial intelligence to provide customers with a human-like experience and with the option to connect to a live agent whenever necessary. This can help automate routine customer service inquiries, complete workflows normally done via online screens, complete transactions connected to backend databases or search knowledge bases. Our customers can quickly get answers to their questions without the need to go to a site, remember their usernames and passwords, get security PINs for transactions, download an app, and so on. We try to replicate the convenience of, for example, a call center interaction in more cost-effective channels and, in particular, in the channels that our customers prefer.

Data & AI

By sifting through large amounts of data, you can release the potential hidden in your data, whether its on premises, in the cloud or at the edge and reveal insights and opportunities that can help transform your business. We help our customers use advanced analytics and machine learning, making data one of the most strategic assets they can have. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) such as speech to text/text to speech conversion, natural language processing, image recognition, and cognitive search have helped customers detect fraud, protect against cyber attacks, and helped improve health care outcomes.  We can help you unleash the power of AI with a modern data strategy that allows you to locate, refine, connect and analyze data more efficiently than ever.

We work with some amazing companies

Customer Testimonials


A major medical company in the Midwest

"I would like to thank you for all your hard work during this engagement. It was nice working with you and to see what we've completed together this year. We learnt a lot from you." - Sr. Manager, Applications Development, IT,

A large beer manufacturer in the Midwest

Enkay was a perfect fit, and worked out extremely well. During the past 2 weeks, we completed what we set out to complete including our two primary goals, that of re-synchronizing the second BizTalk server returning the farm to a 2 server farm. And while this synchronization occurred, Enkay got the opportunity to look at each of our applications, and gather information for the health check operation. Enkay was also able to show us a new series of tools that are available outside of BizTalk to allow us to better manage the farm going forward, making the environment much more user friendly going forward. -Enterprise Architect