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Automate. Integrate. Modernize.

Increase efficiencies through automation and integration. Enhance economic benefits by enriching or extending software applications you’ve created in the past, or create new ones to replace them, using modern user interface designs, scalable architectures, diverse data sources, and structured or unstructured data formats.

We Deliver

Improve decisions using AI tools
User Centric App Modernization
Borderless Application Integration
Automate manual business processes
Seamless Data Integration
Hassle-free Application Support
Enhanced Cloud Security
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EDI for Logistics

EDI for Logistics

Enkaytech’s EDI solutions use Azure Logic Apps and Integration Accounts to implement low code/no code B2B integration with trading partners and shippers. Read our customer stories to understand the implementation of EDI in logistics. The right EDI software solution from us can connect and integrate with companies existing systems seamlessly.

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Data & AI

Modern Data Estate

Enkaytech’s comprehensive solution for a Modern Data Estate involves seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies, advanced data storage, robust processing capabilities, and enhanced analytics. We ensure scalability, security, and efficiency, empowering your organization to harness the full potential of its data for informed decision-making and sustained growth. Let’s embark on a tailored journey to modernize your data infrastructure and drive innovation together.

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Enterprise Application Integration

Enkaytech provides integration services for connecting line of business systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, MRP etc.) or legacy systems (IBM, SAP, Oracle etc.) with popular SaaS tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Mailchimp, QuickBooks, Shopify, and more. We can also customize and optimize your enterprise integrations according to your specific needs and preferences. By integrating systems, you are able to increase the overall value of your investments by improving customer service and improving employee productivity. If you are interested in Enkaytech’s EAI services, read our customer story.

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Modernizing Applications

Modernizing Applications

Enkaytech delivers application modernization services to help businesses leverage the benefits of cloud computing, microservices, APIs, and DevOps. It can involve re-platforming, re-hosting, re-coding, re-architecting, re-engineering, or replacing the applications with modern ones. If you are interested in Enkaytech’s Application Modernization services, read our customer story.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Enkaytech provides IoT services to help you design, develop, deploy, and manage your IoT solutions. Enkaytech can help you with smart consulting, intelligent development and deployement, hasslefree management and more. If you are interested in learning more about how Enkaytech can help you with IoT services, read our customer stories or you can schedule a free consultation.

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What We Do


Application Modernization

Transforming monolithic legacy applications to new-age cloud applications based on microservice architecture.


API Services

Enabling workflow automation and streamlining data exchange among different software solutions, you are using with iPaaS.

Integration Services

Simplifying your enterprise integration of applications, data & making your business processes agile with our B2B, EDI, A2A & EAI services.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things 

Our IoT solutions engage imaginative ventures, & savvy enterprises by integrating resources, logistics, & services.

Cloud Security

Cloud Platform

Strategically and safely move your IT infrastructure to the cloud with virtual networks, disaster recovery, and application gateways.

Automating Business Processes 

Process Automation

Say no to manual, repetitive tasks and optimally reduce your go-to-market time by experiencing fast & efficient low-code tools.

Data & AI 

Data & AI 

We will help you experience total transparency of the data lifecycle by conducting data audits, deploying data visualization tools, AI &, ML.


Managed Services 

We ensure your IT infrastructure works seamlessly even when your workforce logs off by staying available 24*7.

Industries We Serve


The supply chain disruptions witnessed in recent times, have spurred a widespread global adoption of technology-enabled solutions. These solutions, including blockchain, big data, cloud computing, and digital twins, have emerged as powerful tools in addressing these challenges.

Now with Enkaytech, you can create a more resilient and sustainable B2B supply chain using an open, flexible, integrated, collaborative, and secured supply chain platform.

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The emergence of digital connectivity and data-driven insights is revolutionizing the landscape of risk products and services in the insurance marketplace. This transformation has paved the way for new competitors to enter the industry and has raised customer expectations for enhanced risk advice and support.

With Enkaytech’s pack of insurance solutions, such as: Enterprise Service Bus for integrating, Guidewire with Hyland OnBase Document Storage System, you can now reduce cost of operations and enhance integration with partners to accelerate services and meet customer expectation.

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The advent of digitization is compelling manufacturers to completely transform their supply chains, leveraging the potential of a connected ecosystem to enhance operational efficiency.

With Enkaytech you can now decrease your TAT (turnaround time), build resiliency, operational visibility and increase the productivity of your workforce by automating business processes, deploy advanced AI, develop mobile apps to manage controllers and more.

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In recent years, there has been a rapid acceleration in the adoption of healthcare technology and the pursuit of digital transformation in the industry.

Enkaytech plays a pivotal role in facilitating this transformation by offering a smarter architecture, revitalizing core systems, embracing open standards, and harnessing the value of scalable data. Our expertise lies in designing secure platform experiences that cater to the diverse needs of data management and artificial intelligence across enterprises.

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Unlock new opportunities for growth by harnessing the power of emerging technologies like Data & AI, IoT, Machine Learning, generative AI, Cloud Infrastructure, and metaverse, in solutions that consist of Application Integration, Software Development, B2B Automation, Digital and app Innovation and App Modernization.

Our teams are all well-versed in the latest technologies. We have Cargowise Certified Specialist, Mulesoft Certified Developer Level 1 certifications, Mulesoft Certified Integration Associate certification holders, and Microsoft Certified holders: Azure Administrator Associate, Azure Developer Associate, Azure Solutions Architect, Power BI Data Analyst Associate, and more leading our projects successfully.

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